Weight Loss Without Surgery

Cheryl Denby had tried everything to lose weight.But by age 48, she was becoming more obese, miserable and her weight had started to cause her major health problems.“I was in pain most days, my back, my knees, and it was hard to do daily things like laundry, grocery store, just getting up to get dressed.” said Denby. “I used to joke with my friend I just want to be able to tie my shoes without cutting off my air supply.


That was a big deal, so I was unhappy.”Although Denby was a candidate for traditional weight-loss surgeries such as gastric bypass or lap-band surgery, she was apprehensive about undergoing a surgical procedure for weight loss without surgery and recovery.Fortunately, interventional radiologists have recently developed a new weapon against obesity: a minimally invasive alternative to gastric bypass called bariatric arteriale embolization or BAE for Weight Loss Without Surgery.