Weight Loss Surgery Leads Patients To Colon Cancer, New Study

Colon Cancer

Weight Loss Surgeries Risks: It Leads To Colon Cancer According To New Study

Weight Loss Surgeries leads to Colon Cancer was related with all three bariatric Weight Loss Surgeries  procedures – vertical banded gastroplasty, adjustable gastric  banding, and Roux-en-Y gastric bypass –and raised further over time, reported Dr. Maryam Derogar, of the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, and her links. The risk of Colon Cancer was mostly arises between people who had undergone obesity surgery in a retrospective cohort study of more than 77,000 obese patients enrolled in a Swedish registry.No such formula over time was seen among the fat patients who did not have Weight Loss Surgeries .”Our arranged data suggest that accessed Colon Cancer risk may be a long-term consequence of such surgery,” they concluded.
If the association is confirmed, they added, “it should stimulate research addressing colonoscopic evaluation of the incidence of colorectal adenomatous polyps after obesity surgery with a view to defining an optimum colonoscopy surveillance strategy for the increasing number of patients who undergo obesity surgery.To address their “unexpected” finding in an earlier study of an apparent increase in the risk of Colon Cancer after obesity surgery, but no increase in the risk of other cancers related to obesity, they conducted a retrospective cohort study using national registry data between 1980 and 2016, of 15,095 obese patients who had undergone obesity surgery and 62,016 patients who had been diagnosed with obesity but did not undergo surgery.