Weight Loss Ketogenic Diet

Reasons why weight loss ketogenic diet Sucks:

I decided it’s time to get brutally honest and talk about why eating weight loss ketogenic diet is actually the suckiest thing ever.It’s time I came clean and told you the truth.There are certain hardships I am having to put up with and I think you deserve to know what these are.As such I am providing 7 pieces of evidence to show exactly why eating weight loss ketogenic diet sucks:


 Exhibit 1 : I’ve got so much more energy now that there is no excuse for not getting the housework done. Not only this, I have to deal with being on top of my work, the kid’s stuff, birthdays, christmas’s and generally being in control of my life.

Exhibit 2: Now that I’m not thinking about food all the time I have to use my brain space for other things, such as having fun with the kids, how I can give back and help other people and where I’d like to go on holiday.

Exhibit 3: Now that I’m not 30lbs overweight anymore I’ve had to get used to enjoying clothes shopping again (what a drag).