Ulcerative Colitis Disease

Ulcerative Colitis Disease stages

Ulcerative Colitis Disease Stage 1- Denial

I was diagnosed: ulcerative colitis disease- pancolitis- all over colitis- not the left side or the right side but everywhere. Finally, a name for the pain, the bleeding, the nausea.  I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis disease which meant they could give me drugs, drugs that would solve my problem and relieve my pain. Soon, it would all be over.  I began with mesalamine enemas, but they didn’t reach far enough into my colon to reduce the inflammation. Next, the same anti-inflammatory but in a more comfortable orifice. Then, I was given steroids- a magic drug that stopped the ulcerative colitis disease pain, stopped the bleeding and made me nuts. My face grew to be the size of a cantaloupe. I had a double chin and acne. I couldn’t stand to look in the mirror, as the face reflected there bore no resemblance to the woman I knew myself to be.


As I weaned myself off of the steroids, I put my hope in the next ulcerative colitis disease drug Colazol, and then the next drug Lialda, and then the next drug Remicade, and then the next drug Humira, and then Imuran. As I progressed through each of these drugs I maintained the belief that the next one would be the one, the answer. When my body reacted to the mouse proteins of Remicade with hyperventilation, I started to really worry. How could a 3-hour infusion not get rid of it? OK, Humira was the answer. A starter pack of 6 shots and then self-injections once every two weeks. Still problems? Increase the dosage to once a week. Still problems? Add in the Imuran at 50 mg a day.

Colonoscopy time:

After the scheduled colonoscopy, my doctor asked if I wanted my husband in the room to hear the results. “Of course,” I said.My husband and our two-year old daughter entered the room. The ulcerative colitis disease doctor seemed concerned as he spoke about there being no change in the state of ulceration. “Increase the dosage of Imuran to 100 mg,” he said, “Have you considered the possibility of surgery?”

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