Things That Increase Thyroid Cancer Risks And Ways To Prevent

Thyroid Cancer Risks

1-Things that Increase Thyroid Cancer Risks Thyroid Cancer

Avoid radiation exposure, especially while young. The best known primary Thyroid Cancer Risks are excessive exposure to radiation, particularly during childhood. The cells of the thyroid gland (and most other glands) are very sensitive to x-rays and other forms of radiation, and easily destroyed or mutated if exposed to it.

  • X-rays and CT scans should be minimized in children and only used if absolutely needed to diagnose a threatening condition or disease.
  • When x-rays or other radiological studies are necessary, the lowest dose of radiation that still provides a clear picture should always be used.
  • Other sources of radiation to be aware to avoid thyroid Cancer Risks of include living near nuclear power plants (within 10 miles) and very frequently flying at high altitudes in commercial airplanes.