Surprising Things That Cause Early Menopause symptoms You Should Avoid

Early Menopause symptoms

Surprising Things That Early Menopause symptoms

1. Primary Ovarian Insufficiency (POI)

This is the most common medical explanation for cause Early Menopause symptoms. Also known as premature ovarian failure, POI is a type of condition wherein the ovaries stop functioning normally even before hitting the 4-0 mark.In fact, irregular periods happen as early as the teenage years, which could affect your fertility. It also affects one percent of women.Unfortunately, there is still no treatment to restore your ovaries.


2. Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy

If you have had chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatments sometime in your life, you have a higher chance of experiencing induced menopause.This means that for medical reasons, the treatment itself will causes Early Menopause symptoms the ovaries to stop functioning properly.


In one of The Doctors episodes, ER physician, Dr. Travis Stork open that PFOA, a element used in nonstick covering pans could cause Early Menopause symptoms.This rocked several households, since most homes these days use nonstick pans for cooking.

4. Smoking

One of the main contributors for cause Early Menopause symptoms is smoking.It lower your estrogen levels and puts you more at danger for other medical conditions such as heart disease and even breast cancer.According to researchers from the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, there are toxic chemicals found in cigarettes that causes your egg cells to die, and your ovaries to shut down.

5. Drugs

Aside from smoking, drug addiction could also lead to cause Early Menopause symptoms.This is because drugs such as cocaine, marijuana and methamphetamine disrupts your menstrual cycles and affects your regular cycles in a negative way. Drugs also damage your reproductive system, which is why it would be difficult for you to get pregnant, just in case you want to.

6. Genetic Abnormalities

Early Menopause symptoms could run in your family. If your mother, sister, grandmother or other female relatives experienced early menopause causes, then there is a higher chance you will experience it as well.Aside from family history, your genes could also affect whether or not you’ll go through this stage.

7. Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a condition caused by an overload of electrical activity in the brain, resulting to fits or seizures.This means there is a temporary disturbance in the messaging center of the brain cells, which makes the brain “mixed up.”Based on a study published in the journal Epilepsia, women with epilepsy have an increased risk of developing Primary Ovarian Insufficiency, which could lead to cause Early Menopause symptoms.

8. Autoimmune Conditions

Another cause which lead Early Menopause symptoms is the existence of autoimmune diseases.This occurs when your immune system attacks portions of your body, because it mistakes it for an invader.As many as 10 to 30 percent of women have autoimmune diseases that affect their reproductive functioning.