Bipolar Disorder Causes

Stress Bipolar Disorder Causes: In many cases, a main Bipolar Disorder Causes life change or stressful occurrence — such as lose a loved one or having economic troubles can trigger an initial affair. As a result, how you cope with stress could too affect how your bipolar disorder progresses.

Childbirth Bipolar Disorder Causes : The link among childbirth and bipolar disorder has been well recognized in a number of scientific study, according to a 2012 review in JAMA Psychiatry. A study published in Bipolar Disorders in 2014 found that the change from depression to bipolar disorder was up to 18 times higher for postpartum women compared to related studies in men and women who weren’t pregnant.

Seasonal changes Bipolar Disorder Causes : For some people with bipolar disorder, there’s a seasonal pattern to mood episode. Anand says there’s some evidence that more manias occur throughout the spring and summer months, while more episodes of depression take place in the fall and winter.

Poor sleep Bipolar Disorder Causes: Lack of sleep is a frequent trigger of bipolar mood episodes, according to Anand. Poor sleep or a disruption of normal sleeping patterns, including jet lag, can trigger these intense mood swings.

Drug and alcohol use Bipolar Disorder Causes: According to NAMI, substance abuse is general among people with bipolar disorder. Anand cautions against using drugs or alcohol to “treat” symptoms of the form. Drinking or taking drugs, he says, can actually worsen bipolar mood swings and lead to a raise in suicidal thoughts or behaviors.