Reasons Why Endometriosis Fatigue Causes So Much Trauma To Its Sufferers

Seven reasons why Endometriosis Fatigue causes so much trauma

The Endometriosis Fatigue is real.What is Endometriosis Fatigue? Descriptions vary. For me, it’s the consciousness of uttermost physical and mental exhaustion that eclipses all other feelings and consciousness  . It involves:

  • inability to overcome the Endometriosis Fatigue by typical means (sleep, coffee, resting, ‘taking my mind of things’, meditation)
  • heaviness of the mind, which is or very closely resembles a depressive state
  • heaviness of the body; feeling as if physically ‘weighed down’
  • sleepiness; headache-less like migraine; an impression of a partial brain shut-down


  • difficulty to cope with the lightest of physical tasks or daily challenges
  • inability to make plans due to unpredictable fluctuation in energy levels
  • the feeling of being mentally overwhelmed
  • the loss of joy at being involved in or wanting to be involved in favourite activities and hobbies
  • feeling ‘isolated’ as if in a cocoon; self-focus
  • helplessness to find a means of relief from Endometriosis pain
  • Endo-frown (see picture)

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