Blind Boy With Severe Cerebral Palsy Dies From Starvation

A blind Severe cerebral palsy sufferer who died from severe malnutrition and weighed just 15 pounds resembled a ‘concentration camp victim’, doctors saidCameron Hoopingarner, nine, was found by police following reports of a child in cardiac arrest in Indianapolis.The boy was rushed to Union Hospital but was later pronounced dead.Dr Roland Kohr, a pathologist, described Cameron’s case as ‘one of the most disturbing autopsies he had ever done’ and told WTHITV:

‘This child is so severely malnourished that the closest thing I can think of are the pictures from World War II concentration camps.‘There were bodies which were stacked like wood, literally skin and bones. This child looked like that.’Describing the neglect case as ‘beyond terrible’, Sheriff Greg Ewing said: ‘His cause of death was severe malnutrition, and the manner was homicide as ruled preliminary by the coroner’s office.

Four Persons arrested after death of boy with Severe Cerebral Palsy

Cameron’s guardians, Robin Lee Kraemer, 53, and Hubert Kraemer, 56, have since been arrested in connection with the young boy’s death.Another couple, Sarah Beth Travioli, 30, and Chad Kraemer, 33, who live in the same home, were also arrested. Travioli and Kraemer were also charged with failure to report child neglect and their two children, aged 5 and 3, were removed from the house.Police say none of the suspects were biologically related to Cameron and all four are unemployed, according to the Tribune Star.

Four people have been arrested in the death of 9-year-old Indiana boy with Severe cerebral palsy who authorities say had been starved to the point where he weighed just 15lbs. The Vigo County Sheriff’s Office says officers responded just before 4am on Tuesday to a 911 call about a child in cardiac arrest at 11321 East Lewsader Avenue near Fontanet, 60 miles west of Indianapolis.The young patient, identified as nine-year-old Cameron Hoopingarner, was rushed to Union Hospital where he was pronounced dead.