Pregnant With Cerebral Palsy Complications During Birth

What cerebral palsy complications can occur during birth?

Cerebral Palsy Complications that increase a child’s chance of developing Cerebral Palsy can arise during pregnancy or during labor and delivery. Formerly, it was believed a complicated birth (in combination with asphyxia) was the sole cause of Cerebral Palsy. Now it’s known that complicated birth in combination with asphyxia accounts only for a relatively small percentage of Cerebral Palsy cases, less than 10%.Research indicates that events occurring during fetal development can also cause complicated delivery.

Apgar Score

Newborns are tested after birth and assigned an Apgar score. An Apgar score is a method to quickly summarize an infant’s health based on respiration, muscle tone, reflexes, color, and heart. A low Apgar score is a significant risk factor for Cerebral Palsy. Newborns are evaluated at one minute and five minutes after birth, and at subsequent intervals, if necessary. Five criteria are scored on a scale of 0 to 2 (for the one minute and five minute readings). Both scores are added together. A score of:

  • Normal – 7 to 10
  • Low – 4 to 6 low
  • Critical – 0 to 3
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