The Painful Truth About Surgery For weight Loss, You May Not Aware

The Painful Truth About Surgery For weight Loss

What is is really like after Surgery for weight Loss? The Painful Truth About Surgery. Let me tell you. It’s been a whole month since I had my Surgery for weight Loss and boy has it been a rough ride. I wanted to write regular about my weight loss experiences and vlog on YouTube but I’ve simply been too unwell up until now and so here I am 4 weeks out catching up and sharing more of my Gastric Bypass Experience.Today I am going to talk about some of the difficult things after Surgery for weight Loss which I experienced.


The Painful Truth About Surgery for weight Loss

The first two weeks were tough. When I woke up in the hospital the pain was unbearable. I could not move, I could not walk. I struggled to cope with the pain after Surgery for weight Loss.I was loaded with IV drips and my bladder was so so full. I needed to wee but I could not walk. The nurse got a bed pan however I still could not go. I had no ability to push the muscles and so I laid for an hour in pain trying to pee. I just could not do it.My bladder became more and more full and it hurt so much. Eventually the nurses came and helped me out of bed.

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