New Fibromyalgia Treatment Generate Glimmer Of Hope For Patients

New Fibromyalgia Treatment with Stem Cell

Stem Cell New Fibromyalgia Treatment  ease some of your symptoms and improve quality of life there seems to be a “ray of hope” for these patients with the use of Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell for New Fibromyalgia Treatment. Using the train of thought that cells are often capable of effectively modulate (or modify) some of the brains neurotransmitters like: serotonin and dopamine.We based our findings on a select group of patients that suffered from fibromyalgia and were treated with their own (autologous) Stem Cells.

Since every other traditional medical treatments had failed them and (before their Stem Cell implants) their lives were basically completely miserable and most suffered from horrendous pain depression and fatigue.This was the case of Consuelo G diagnosed with fibromyalgia for the last 15 years and after receiving a Stem Cell transplant (five years ago) in her overblown areas her condition improved tremendously and reduced her overall level of pain and fatigue to an unbelievable extent


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