New Fibromyalgia Treatment Injection

The pain of the fibromyalgia might be eased with  the injections of the pain killer lidocaine New Fibromyalgia Treatment Injection, the new study suggests.People with the fibromyalgia complain of the chronic pain  throughout their body as well as an increased sensitivity to the pain. Doctors often have the trouble treating this pain because it is unclear what causes it, the study authors noted.In the new study, injecting lidocaine into the peripheral tissues such as the muscles in the shoulders or buttocks effectively lessen pain sensitivity, the researchers found.”We hypothesized that if the pain comes from the peripheral tissues, and we can take this pain away by injecting the local anesthetics, then this would be indirect proof of the importance of the peripheral tissues for the clinical pains of these individuals.” study the lead author Dr. Roland Staud, of a professor the medicine at the University of Florida College of Medicine, said in a university news release.

“Over-the-counter medications and [narcotic] prescriptions such as opiates aren’t really effective for controlling chronic pain conditions,” he added. But with the new therapy, “we are able to explain the pain of chronic patients better and manage it better,” Staud said. “We are making progress but it will take time.”The study involved 62 women with fibromyalgia. Each woman received four injections in New Fibromyalgia Treatment:two in certain muscles in their shoulders and two more in their buttocks. Some of the women received lidocaine Fibromyalgia Treatment Injection, while a “control group” received saline injections.Right before the injections were given and 30 minutes afterwards, the women received mild pain stimulations delivered through mechanical means or through heat.Compared to “dummy” saline injections, the lidocaine significantly eased the women’s sensitivity to pain, according to the study published recently in the European Journal of Pain.


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