Diabetes Treatment

It’s only April’ and this is the third new dangerous Diabetes Treatment drug I’ve already told you about this year. It’s hard enough figuring out how to beat diabetes without having to dodge all these risky new drugs!The story said that this new diabetes drug is a “trailblazer.” But what it’s really doing is leaving a trail of pain and suffering.And there’s no question that the risks of this recently approved Rx for type 2 far outweigh its benefits.It’s called Invokana’ and it’s a “special” kind of med in the same family as another newbie I warned you about in January. It lowers blood sugar by making your kidneys get rid of glucose through the urine.

He warned that the way the Diabetes Treatment drug works’ by eliminating all that glucose in the urine’ “can cause a cascade of adverse events.” These include dehydration’ which can lead to low blood pressure’ dizziness and falls’ and damage to the kidneys and heart.Even having “moderately” reduced kidney function’ he said’ puts people at high risk with this drug.

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