Blocking Risk-Factor Molecule Is Path To New Copd Treatment

Blocking Risk-Factor Molecule Could Be Path To New COPD Treatment, Study Reports

Blocking a molecule that is a risk factor for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) could be a path toward New COPD Treatment, according to a study.Researchers demonstrated that blocking a factor known as RAGE (receptor for advanced glycan end products) prevented inflammatory signaling and reduced airway damage in mice.The study,  “Blockade of RAGE ameliorates elastase-encourage emphysema enlargement and continuation via RAGE-DAMP signaling,” was published in The FASEB Journal.
Genetic studies have long located RAGE as a risk gene for developing this disaese. But whether it was  involved in the disease’s processes was unknown.Researchers at Kangwon National University in Korea indisputable to study the gadget by which RAGE might promote to this disease. As a first step, they examined how much of the molecule was present in the lungs and blood serum of mice and humans.The molecule exists in both membrane-bound and soluble forms that are released from cells.

Analyses showed that this disease patients and smokers who did not have COPD had higher levels of the membrane-bound form of the disease in their lungs than non-smoking healthy people. In contrast, patients and smokers had lower levels of soluble RAGE.

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