FDA Approves New Drug For Treatment Of Multiple Sclerosis

multiple sclerosis treatment

The Food and Drug Administration has approved the drug fampridine-SR for the multiple sclerosis treatment. Researchers at the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) have been evaluating the effects of the drug in MS for more than 10 years- it is the first medication shown to enhance some neurological functions in people with the disease – and their efforts helped pave the way for today’s action by the FDA.”This is a good day for people who suffer from multiple sclerosis,” said Andrew Goodman, M.D., chief of the URMC Multiple Sclerosis Center. “Physicians will now have a new tool at their disposal that complements existing disease modifying therapies. For some patients, this Multiple Sclerosis Treatment drug will be a way to improve mobility and help regain some independence in their daily lives.”


Researchers at URMC helped develop the study protocols and lead the clinical trials that demonstrated consistently improved mobility – timed walking speed- in more than a third of patients with multiple sclerosis. This is the first instance in which a drug for multiple sclerosis treatment was found to improve function lost as a result of the disease. Goodman and his colleagues published the results of a Phase 3 clinical trial of the drug in the journal Lancet last February.Fampridine-SR is being developed by Acorda Therapeutics and marketed under the name Ampyra.