Migraine Relief

15 Dangers Of These Multiple Sclerosis And migraine headache relief Drugs

1. Respiratory Depression

According to the NIDA, “Taken as prescribed, opioids can be used to migraine headache relief safely and effectively. However, when abused, even a single large dose can cause severe respiratory depression and death.” All opioids  for multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia have the potential to cause breathing to slow dangerously (and even stop) when taken in high doses. This includes both illicit and prescription opioids.

2. Tolerance

When someone takes opioids for an extended period of time, they will notice that they are no longer affected the same way by the same dosage of the drug. This is called tolerance and it can cause a person to stray from their prescribed dosage in hopes of feeling the same effects they once did. At this point, the opioid drug for multiple sclerosis and migraine headache relief is being abused and  can lead to many worse consequences.

3. Hypoxia

The respiratory depression that is sometimes caused by large doses of opioids for migraine headache relief can lead to hypoxia, a condition where a decreased amount of oxygen is able to reach the brain. “Hypoxia can have short- and longterm psychological and neurological effects, including coma and permanent brain damage.” Researchers are currently studying the long-term effects of opioids on the brain to see if hypoxia in opioid abusers can lead to brain damage and other irreversible issues.

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