Deadly Menopause Therapy Every Woman Should Be Aware
Going through menopause can make you feel painful in your own skin.”Estrogen Menopause therapy (ET) is the main treatment for hot flashes and night sweats. These affect up to 80% of women during menopause. They’re the main symptoms that lead women to get treatment in the first place.But oral Menopause Therapy comes with some serious—even deadly—side effects. These include numbness, blood clots, loss of hair, and increased breast cancer risk.2 That’s bad enough… But a new study reveals an even riskier option.Researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital found this disputable drug may help cut menopausal symptoms in half.3 They’re saying it may be just as effective as Menopause Therapy for treating these symptoms. It may be a viable non-hormonal option.
But there’s a major problem…This “alternative treatment” for menopause may be even more dangerous than Menopause Therapy. And you may already be taking this “menopause drug” for another condition.We’re talking about venlafaxine. It’s a common antidepressant. But it’s different from the SSRIs we’ve told you about before for treating menopause…and not in a good way. It may pose an even bigger risk to your health.The study looked at 339 women with menopausal symptoms. Researchers split these women into three groups. The first group was on traditional Menopause Therapy. They gave the second group venlafaxine. The remaining women got a placebo.

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