Deadly Mistakes You Need To Avoid With Menopause

1. Putting Up With Hot Flashes

As the most common symptom of “the change,” women often believe they just have to wait out the sweaty side effect. But there are actually both natural and hormone-therapy options that can significantly reduce the shift in body temperature.According to Prevention, doctors have done studies showing the average woman has hot flashes for about seven years, if not more. That is a long time to try and just power through. Asking your doctor about options can be an enormous help.

2. Eating As Much As Before

If you were already eating fairly healthy, you might assume there’s no need to change your diet. But the Mayo Clinic actually recommends eating about 200 less calories per day due to the condition’s effects on your metabolism.

3. Avoiding All Sugar

While it is a good idea to curb your sweet tooth during menopause to help maintain blood sugar levels, cutting it out entirely can lead to binging and making things worse.Instead, studies published by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics have shown that it’s better to stick to the natural sugars found in yummy fruits when you feel the craving for something sweet.