This Dangerous Treatment For Menopause Can Cause Breast Cancer


This Dangerous Drug  Treatment For Menopause Can Cause Breast Cancer

A new report produced by Prithwish De, an associate professor of epidemiology at the University of Toronto, suggests that Premarin  Drug Treatment For Menopause could cause breast cancer.According to the report, hormone replacement therapy was a risk factor in an estimated 12,000 new Canadian breast cancer cases discovered between 1994 and 2006.Since 2004, Health Canada has revised the product safety information on this Drug Treatment For Menopause to further include side effects such as coronary heart disease, gynecological cancer and breast cancer.
Drug companies and many health care providers view menopause as a not only don’t do what proponents claim, but also have dangerous health effects.Pfizer, who acquired Wyeth in 2009, has already paid $1.7 billion to settle thousands of claims in the United States. However, the company notes that they never made an admission of liability in the American settlements.

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