Four Unbelievable Lessons Women Learned From living with Menopause

Four unbelievable Lessons Women Learned From living with Menopause

Lessons Women Learned From living with Menopause

Lesson #1: The change before the change is a thing.Less discussed than the loss of periods is the sudden onset of insanely heavy periods—the deluge before the drought. “I Living With Menopause like to say my bathroom is the set of CSI: Perimenopause,” says Julie, from Chicago. “Sometimes I have to stay home and just sit on towels. If there were consistency, at least you could plan.There is no consistency. Superheavy flow, then nothing but spotting. Then, in lieu of PMS, 2½ weeks of breast soreness a month akin to pregnancy symptoms. Oh, joy.”

Lesson #2: Focus on the vestibule:We whisper among ourselves about dryness female part, but not just for the obvious reason of, you know, ouch.We also feel guilty because our partners see it as a sign that we’re not inquisitive . Which makes sense, because throughout our younger lives, dryness meant just that. But then things change, and you may want to make love just as much, or more.But your cooch is sending the wrong signals.“dryness threw me for a loop and put me off physical relation for a good while,” says Beth H., a mother of two in Charlotte, NC. “Living With Menopause I actually tore once, and that does not make for a good relation experience.