Living With Endometriosis Pain: Struggles Of Women Know All Too Well

When No One Believes You’re In That Much Pain:This is, without a doubt, one of the hardest parts of being diagnosed with endometriosis and Pcos. So many people, in my life at least, don’t seem to believe that the pain that accompanies my period is at all real. It’s so much more than just a cramp. It’s debilitating. It’s so much more than just inconvenient. It’s life-altering. Knowing that, and Living With Endometriosis Pain, only to have someone tell me that I’m “faking it” or that I don’t have an appropriate sufferance for Endometriosis pain or that I’m simply “endeavor attention,” is not only antagonize and wrong, it’s heartbreaking.

...And You Spend Your Time Trying To Prove That Your Pain Is, In Fact, Real: I’ve stopped trying to convince people that the Living With Endometriosis Pain, or endometriosis in general, is real. However, for far too long, I was emphatically trying to convince people my pain was real, in order to validate it. I would try to elucidate the pain to past lovers and even went so far as to invite a former-boyfriend to a doctor’s appointment, so my need for pain medication and time on the chaise lounge and sleeping or hot showers was finally, for him, understandable. I look back and shake my head, almost embarrassed that I felt like I needed people to believe me. My Living With Endometriosis Pain is real.

When Even Standing, Let Alone Walking, Is Painful:When my period arrives, I can’t move. I mean, I can, but it is extremely painful. If I am to walk anywhere, I have to do it hunched over. If I am to sit, it might as well turn into me laying down in the fetal position. Every step hurts; every position I sit or stand or lay in, hurts; everything I do, just hurts.

When You Dread Going To The Bathroom, Because It Hurts:Because endometriosis is essentially endometrium layers ending up in places outside of the uterus, and one of those places can be in and around the bowel, going to the bathroom can hurt. I mean, really hurt. I loath going to the bathroom when my period comes around (and even before and afterwards), to the point that I don’t necessarily want to eat or drink.

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