20 Struggles Only Irritable Bowel Syndrome Sufferers Understand

3-Traveling can be a nightmare with irritable bowel syndrome

Having to go to the bathroom fast because your train is leaving in ten minutes and being conscious of the long line for the airplane bathroom—these are some of your worst nightmares.

4-Thai food for a first date—HA!

Your date wants to take you somewhere adventurous like a Thai food restaurant or a Szechuan place. You want to be a good sport, but eating that food will ruin the night.

5-Things like camping and Coachella: NO

You aren’t being a Princess or a diva or high maintenance. You literally cannot just use porta potties all weekend. It doesn’t work that way for you.

6-You sneak your office into the bathroom

You try to low-key bring your laptop, coffee, phone, and phone charger into the bathroom. You’re going to be in there for a while, so you may as well get some work done.

7-You take calls on the toilet

You’ve taken serious business calls on the toilet. You’re a master at hitting the mute button at just the right times.