Deadly Mistakes Irritable Bowel Syndrome Sufferers Make

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Top 5 Mistakes Irritable Bowel Syndrome Sufferers Make In Repairing Their Gut

here is information on Irritable Bowel Syndrome and common mistakes that sufferers make:

Irritable Bowel Syndrome mistake #1: Guessing instead of testing

I’ve noticed many people prefer to spend their money on various supplements to address mysterious symptoms rather on testing. While testing is the best way to shed light on what’s going on inside the body, I think there’s psychological reasons why people tend to avoid them.Perhaps it’s a negative association with tests that always seem to come out normal. I don’t think it’s the expense of the tests but the belief that they won’t be helpful, but rather a waste of money.The truth is that people tend to spend more time and money on the trial and error process when they don’t test. And wind up with a kitchen drawer full of useless and expensive supplements.Figuring out what’s going on based on symptoms alone is the most inefficient approach to solving the Irritable Bowel Syndrome puzzle.

Mistake #2: Self doctoring

The second biggest mistake I see comes from having access to too much Internet information about health. While this can also be a blessing in terms of offering education, hope and alternatives, it tempts people to treat themselves. This is useful information on Irritable Bowel Syndrome that using Google as your primary health care source can be dangerous.Even as a health coach, I look for outside help when I encounter my own health issues. I may have the knowledge to address it, but my judgement suffers when I’m too close to the case. Simply put it’s hard to have perspective on your own problems. Emotions and anxiety will cloud intuition. I let an expert guide me so I can relax.Some people go it alone due to financial reasons. There’s fear of spending/wasting money. Unfortunately most people will  spend more time and money tackling issues on their own.You can remedy this mistake by getting expert guidance and help.