Strange Reasons Of IBS Lower Abdominal Pain You Probably Don’t Know

Lower abdominal pain

12 Possible Reasons of IBS lower abdominal pain

Here are the reasons of IBS lower abdominal pain

Experiencing Lower abdominal pain may be in your left abdomen overwhelming and frightening. Your lower abdominal pain may be a signal to problems with some of your abdominal organs. It is the essence to be cognizant of the threatening, signs, and symptoms of IBS more severe conditions. This way, one can decide when to see a doctor. There are several reasons of the IBS Lower abdominal pain.

1. Diverticulitis:In this condition, a bulge will form along the walls of the left bowel. Some of the accompanying symptoms are fever, diarrhea with sporadic blood, sudden emerging pain, and swelling of the region. You can remedy this condition by changing diet, prescribed antibiotics, resting or surgery if severe.

2. Constipation:There are several reasons for constipation like food allergy or intolerance, IBD, or IBS among others. Irrespective of the cause, this will most likely result of IBS Lower abdominal pain. You can note constipation, a pressure in the rectum, bloating, straining, and hard stools. You can relief the symptoms through passing stool, increasing hydration, and modifying diet.

3. Urinary Tract Disorders:It is common for urinary tract disorders to cause pain and trouble during urination. However, if cystitis bacteria is present, it can result of IBS Lower Abdomen Pain. A patient may experience sudden pain and can use prescribed antibiotics, increased hydration and in the case of severe cases, surgical treatment.

4. Kidney Disorders:A kidney infection will most likely cause severe pain in your lower left abdomen. Additionally, one may experience pain and uncomfortable sensation when urinating. You can also notice pain during urination. You can experience persistent urge to urinate, fever, blood or pus in the urine. The condition can be remedied using prescribed antibiotics.