Tips For Preventing Hair Loss After Gastric Bypass Weight Loss Surgery

hair loss after weight loss surgery: Tips for Losing Less And Re grow More Faster

One of the biggest concerns many people have – especially ladies – about having weight loss surgery is hair loss.It can be very traumatic to see clumps of hair in the shower void, or to run your fingers through your hair and come out with a handful. Especially since for many of us, our hair was one of the few things we really liked about ourselves before Weight Loss Surgery.We wonder: How much hair will I lose? Will I go bald or have bald spots? And how quickly will it grow back?Most importantly: What can I do to diminish hair loss and maximize regrowth?

WHY WE LOSE HAIR AFTER Weight Loss Surgery

First of all, everyone loses hair every day as part of the natural cycle of hair growth.But after Weight Loss Surgery, our bodies are forced to live on drastically lower amounts of calories. To compensate for the reduction, all the remaining nutrients are channeled to the organs that need them most. And our hair isn’t one of them.So suddenly, our hair must do without the nutrients it needs to grow.

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