Glioblastoma Brain Tumor Treatment

Glioblastoma Brain Tumor Treatment Therapy

Glioblastoma Brain Tumor Treatment is very effective. The standard therapy for Glioblastoma Brain Tumor Treatment and survival is often measured in months, not years. For decades scientists have been looking at whether viruses may hold the key to Brain Tumor Therapy, and finally they’re starting to see some early signs of success.”There are very few new Glioblastoma Brain Tumor Treatment in the world of Brain Tumor Therapy that make it to this point,” says Dr. Michael Vogelbaum of Cleveland Clinic.

A new experimental treatment involves injecting a live virus into a brain tumor and allowing it to spread within the tumorThe virus carries a special gene which makes the tumor more sensitive to a specific medication.“This is a virus that humans don’t normally see, so there’s not a built-in immunity to the virus and it’s been very effective in delivering the therapeutic gene,” explains Dr. Vogelbaum.A few weeks later, the medication is taken. Once it reaches the brain tumor cells that are infected with the virus, it’s converted into chemotherapy which kills the tumor.