Endometriosis Disease

What Does Endometriosis Disease Flare-Up Feels Like

On the 13th of May, I rode in a car with a friend who was in town. I did minor walking that entire day. I walked a bit in a mall this day, as well. All together I only walked 1,700 steps. So about half a mile, according to my tracking app. Though, part of it was done in a wheelchair for the second half of the mall. This entire process, I was only in the mall for about 30 minutes. As the days since that event passes along, my stomach, and my insides get sorer. I have a deep seeded burning feeling that’s growing, which starts out faint at first, but gets more, and more pronounced throughout the coming days. My irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms have gotten increasingly worse, too.This is the norm for me. Whenever I choose to do something that requires physical activity, I pay for it a day or so later. I’m in my bed on pain medications, nausea medications, and my heating pad is so high it’s burning my skin. I’m occasionally vomiting from just a little bit of food. This has been my norm for two years now.



This is definitely a Endometriosis Disease flare-up coming about, no doubt about it. It always takes a bit, but then just continues to get stronger and stronger, till it hits a high point and stays there till I finally recover. Endometriosis Disease flare-up hurts to sit down because it puts so much pressure on my pelvic; it’s such a deep seeded pain. I sometimes feel my ovaries must be three times the size they should be, and my cervix and uterus are also inflamed constantly. They hurt so bad some days, I just wish I could get them taken out. Sadly, that doesn’t cure Endometriosis Disease.

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