I Cure My Endometriosis Disease And PCOS In A Way That May Surprise You

I Cure My Endometriosis Disease And PCOS In A Surprising Way

On the 16th of October 2013 I was diagnosed with Endometriosis Disease PCOS. Both my left and right ovaries had polycystic sac like cysts of 6cm x 5cm and my right ovary had a hemorrhagic cyst “the size of a peach” the doctor told me. That would demonstrate my low moods, constipation,fatigue and sickening pelvic pains. I horrified.My first question to the doctor was will I ever be able to have children? She told me it was possible but it would be burdensome .I had heard of people that found it burdensome or almost impossible to contrive or carry full term with both Endometriosis Disease and PCOS..PCOS is very common in woman and unfortunately there are many side affects that come with it. Depression, pelvic pain, difficulty dis burden your bowel, bloating, tiredness, fatigue are just a few. I was agonize from all these symptoms and felt very low.My menses were unbearable and I was bedridden for most of the duration. My hormones were all over the place, I would sweat loads and had sweaty clammy hands all the time which I found so embarrassing. I had change dramatically.I booked myself in for an appointment with a naturopath at college. She wrote up a nutrition plan for me.The part I loved about my consultation with her is that she asked about how I felt, my lifestyle, sleep patterns, relationships, and how I dealt with stress. The first thing she did was put me on a probiotic, she thought I could possibly have had a slight leaky gut from previous misuse of NSAIDS and antibiotics the previous year. For my moods and to balance my hormones, she advised I take vitamin D oil, eskimo fish oil and a magnesium supplement with flavonoids.She advised to cut out processed food, started eating organic produce and grass fed meat, increased my oily fish and vegetable intake, and eat lots of flaxseeds. I cut out refined carbohydrates and limited my intake of sugar in general.I also cut out gluten which has been the best thing digestion wise for me. It made so much of a difference to my mood, and my migraines stopped after about 3 weeks of cutting it out.My typical diet was mackerel, salmon, kale, artichoke,eggs,butter beans, nuts, pumpkin,beetroot, lentils or a home made vegetable stew. I was also juicing parsley, mint, kale, beets, spinach and having fresh veggie juices whenever possible. I had more energy so I took up yoga and started going running more often. In the space of about two weeks I felt a profound difference.I started to feel happier, I had a spring in my step and I lost 6 pounds which made me feel really good. My digestion was great and my constipation had gone.More importantly, the pelvic pain had gone. However my periods were still very painful so I had an epsom salt bath and used a castor oil pack as suggested by my naturopath. She also advised I got myself a himalayan salt lamp for my room and limit electronic devices in my room and to stop putting my laptop on my lap or near bed.After Christmas I decided to book myself in with a herbalist at college. After some advice from a good lecturer at college, I decided I would try some herbs to see how they work with the naturopathic nutrition.My herbalist put me on some hormone balancing herbal tinctures that included phytolaca – specifically for Endometriosis Disease and PCOS She also suggested some lifestyle protocols. She gave me a list of Xenoesrogens to avoids.Xenoestrogens are synthetic estrogens that mimic estrogen action in the body, having a negative effect.She suggested avoiding plastic bottled water and drinking only filtered water, using alluminium tins for carrying lunch, and drinking only filtered glass bottled water, among other things. When I saw my naturopath again, she told me to stay on the same supplements but to add Evening Primrose Oil.By this point with the herbs and the nutrition plan and all the supplements and lifestyle changes I was feeling amazing!By the time my second appointment arrived with my herbalist, my periods were almost painless – I would only use the castor oil pack for the first day and I wasn’t bedridden for them.I could feel the herbs working immediately. I felt awake, alert, and my sweating had also gone with Endometriosis Disease  And PCOS.I finally felt balanced and any headaches and body pains had vanished in less than 3 weeks.I had my final ultrasound scan on the 25th of march 2014 at the hospital. I was looking forward to this date so much as i wanted to see my progress with Endometriosis Disease And PCOS. I was delighted when the doctor told me the hemorrhagic cyst had gone! I checked the results and it was actually 0.75mm which is nothing from 6cm! My Endometriosis Disease And PCOS had gone from a volume of 80.4ml to 15.5ml and even less on my left ovary.My second ovulation test showed with Endometriosis Disease And PCOS I was ovulating very well. So in the space of 5 months I had managed to find the key to reversing Endometriosis Disease And PCOS and had literally melted a 6cm cyst to almost nothing – naturally. No operations, nothing artificial. I have decided to stay on the same lifestyle plan and I am still on the herbs as I want to continue down this promising route.