Lymphoma Cancer

Stages of Hodgkin Lymphoma Cancer

Lymphatic tumors have to be diagnosed and treated within a reasonable time. Doctors study lymphoma cancer stages to know about success rate of lymphatic cancer treatment. These stages tell about the present condition of cancer tumors in lymphatic system and guide oncologists to choose a suitable cure. Hodgkin Lymphoma Cancer is also termed as Hodgkin’s disease. This cancer arises in lymphocytes that are also known as white blood cells. Doctors study Lymphoma Cancer stages and growth phases in patients after subjecting them to diagnosis. The procedure of diagnosis includes multiple scans like X-Ray, radiography, blood tests, tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging. These tests are conducted on specific body parts like pelvis, abdomen, bone marrow and chest. Today medical science has devised positron emission tomography (PET). This technique has successfully replaced classical gallium scan.

Doctors have come to the conclusion that Hodgkin Lymphoma Cancer creates swelling in the lymph nodes. This swelling is seen externally in upper body parts. Swelling in nodes is followed by pain and patients experience unexpected fatigue. They also suffer from night sweats, weight loss and drenching. Some patients have lower back pain due to swelling of lymph nodes. Some doctors have grouped lymphatic cancer into two stages, they are progressive and recurrent. The first stage involves growth of cancer tumor in multiple progressive stages. During recurrent stage the cancer tumor comes back to the lymphatic system even after treatment. This stage is treated through combination of radiation therapies. There are four growth phases or stages of HodgkinLymphoma Cancer:

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