Failing to Conserve Your Energy
Part of being a COPD Lung Disease patient is learning and making the proper physical activity adjustments to avoid exacerbating your shortness of breath. If you overexert yourself, you will become short of breath quickly and your COPD Lung Disease makes it hard for you to recover. Not being able to breathe properly is scary and nothing to be taken lightly.Activities you have done in the past may need to be changed to account for your COPD Lung Disease. These activities can range from exercise to simply picking up the house. You will need to plan your day differently and organize your home and life with the conservation of energy in mind.It’s important to learn how to relax and ask for help when you need it. It doesn’t sound so bad to hear that relaxation must become more important in your life, does it? Not only does it mean spending more time off your feet, but it also means trying to get rid of daily stressors so your mind can relax as well.

Relaxation can be as simple as spending time enjoying a hobby, reading a good book or going places you enjoy. Relaxation is a process you need to use to decrease stress on your mind and body to create a better quality of life. Relaxing isn’t easy for all people, particularly if you are accustomed to leading a fast-paced life. If relaxing isn’t easy for you, this will be a challenge and take practice and patience.Learning how to spread out your tasks throughout the day is going to be critical to conserving your energy. Start by taking short breaks throughout the day. Even if you are out of the house running errands you will need to sit down occasionally and rest for a bit. During these breaks, try and make a mind to body connection and listen to what that connection is telling you.

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