Surprising Factors Associated With COPD Lung Disease Life Expectancy

COPD Lung Disease Life Expectancy Factors

COPD Lung Disease Life Expectancy is a topic that many patients may not want to talk about. But, if you or a loved one have been diagnosed with COPD, then you’ve probably spent a great deal of time wondering about it. And why wouldn’t you? Understanding the prognosis of a disease motivates many people to make much-needed lifestyle changes that may improve their quality of life and help them live longer. So, can implementing positive lifestyle changes also influence COPD Lung Disease Life Expectancy?

The Importance of Early Diagnosis and Smoking Cessation:If diagnosed early enough and a person quits smoking, COPD prognosis is relatively favorable and lung function decline is similar to anyone else of the same sex, age, height, and weight. It is only when a person continues to smoke that lung function decline progresses at a much faster rate, which ultimately shortens COPD Lung Disease Life Expectancy.

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