Surprising Reasons Why Endometriosis Pain Sufferers Feel Guilty

There five key reasons why this is happening. Only by understanding the reasons why Endometriosis Pain victims feel guilty.

NEGLECTING FAMILIES AND FRIENDS: I can’t be there for my friends. This is the harsh gist of it. Visiting is hard, because planning is challenging. So is travel ling. I simply can’t predict how I’ll be feeling at any given time on any given day. My friends understand, and those who couldn’t make allowances, were never real friends in the first place. This experience has sorted out my friends from my acquaintances quite nicely. Besides, I’ve turned into that unreliable friend who regularly cancels on you at the last minute myself, so it’d be a bit rich of me if I were to start complaining. When I do manage to meet my friends, there’s the risk that my illness will eclipse his or her needs. It’s a precarious balance. It takes a lot of mental stamina to push aside the feelings of Endometriosis Pain -fatigue to focus on somebody else.

This goes out to all mums with Endometriosis Pain out there at this place: I don’t have children, but the acknowledgement to my last blog devastating showed that those of you who’ve been lucky enough to get pregnant and bear children are now struggling to bring them up. How can you priorities your needs if you feel, as you naturally would, that your children need your attention more? How can you look after somebody else if you can’t look after yourself? And how can you match up to all other mums if you simply can’t keep up with them? How does it make you feel? Exasperated? Like a failure? Exhausted? Downhearted? Guilty?

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