Amazing:Neuroscientist Finds Telepathic Abilities In Children With Autism

Neuroscientist Finds Telepathic Abilities In Children With Autism: Can All Humans Do It?

What we label as autism covers a vast spectrum. One autistic child may be capable to communicate perfectly and perform normal daily life tasks, while others can barely move, and still others can’t communicate at all. You also have Children With Autism under this label known as autistic “savants” who show extraordinary abilities.  This is why it’s more commonly referred to as autism spectrum disorder (ASD).Some savants are able to perform extreme mathematical calculations in their head, same as to a calculator or computer, and others have remarkable artistic ability spanning across a variety of subjects.

The list of abilities seen in savants is long, and one ability that could one day be added to that list is telepathy.woefully, it’s commonly believed that the Children With Autism who lack movement and communication are ‘not there.’ Yet some evidence suggests they are not only aware, but have greater mental abilities than the average person. The communication barrier may be preventing them from sharing that with us.

Evidence For Telepathy Among Some Nonverbal Children With Autism

Diane Powell, M.D, is an author, public speaker, researcher, and practicing neuropsychiatrist. Her education is extensive, and she’s worked with some of the best minds of the century, including several Nobel laureates. She studied biophysics and neuroscience during her undergraduate years,  has worked in neurochemistry, and attended John Hopkins School of Medicine. She co-published research on the genetics of Alzheimer’s Disease with Marshal Folstein and did neuroscience research in Joseph Coyle’s laboratory. After receiving her medical degree in 1983, she stayed at Johns Hopkins to complete postdoctoral training in medicine, neurology, and psychiatry. In July 1987, Dr. Powell joined the faculty at Harvard Medical School, where she taught neuropsychiatry and gained experience in cross-cultural psychiatry and mind-body medicine. She moved in July 1989 to engage in molecular biology research at the University of California at San Diego during the Human Genome Project.

She has always been interested in human consciousness, particularly in the special abilities these gifted children have and how they are helping to grow our understanding about the mysteries of consciousness.In January 1987 she trained for six months at The Institute of Psychiatry in London, England with Sir Michael Rutter, who was knighted for his work on autism.This is a short summary of an impressive and lengthy CV, but it’s important to show that the list of  credible researchers in this field long and growing. “Extended human capacities,” as the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) defines them, and parapsychology, are serious subjects.Dr. Powell’s work with non-verbal Children With Autism has shown strong evidence for telepathic abilities.More recently, in the mainstream scientific world, scientists developed the technology to communicate telepathically.