Cancer Risks

Chemicals That increase Thyroid Cancer Risks:

Arguably necessary for our developed world, chemicals are used extensively in countless products, including personal care products. And although some of them may be effective, many of them also come with some health risks. One recent study shows that occupational exposure to common chemical disinfectants, sanitizers, sterilizers, and deodorizers may increase Thyroid Cancer Risks.Those who work with these chemicals have an estimated 65% higher Thyroid Cancer Risks compared to those who don’t, the Yale University researchers said.The research studied Thyroid Cancer Risks in relation to workplace exposure to agricultural pesticides and biocides used as cleaning products.

For this study, almost 500 thyroid cancer patients were compared to almost 500 “healthy” controls who were otherwise similar in factors such as age.“Limited studies have investigated occupational exposure to pesticides in relation to thyroid cancer and have reached inconsistent results,” commented lead study author Dr. Yawei Zhang, an environmental health researcher at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut.Unlike some previous studies, there was no link between pesticide use and thyroid cancer.“Our study did not support an association between occupational exposure to pesticides and risk of thyroid cancer, but suggested that occupational exposure to other biocides might be associated with an increased risk of thyroid cancer,” Zhang continued.

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