Cervical Cancer Causes

For the first time, researchers found Cervical Cancer Causes Virus human papillomavirus 16 in brain tissue in patients with focal cortical dysplasia Type IIB, suggesting a new pathogenesis and potential therapeutic target for the epilepsy.

Researchers have detected human papillomavirus (HPV16) in brain tissue from patients with a common form of pediatric epilepsy — a finding that suggests that the same cervical cancer causes Virus may also be a factor in the development of epilepsy.The research marks the first time that HPV16  that Cervical Cancer Causes was found in the human brain, specifically in tissue excised from patients with focal cortical dysplasia Type IIB (FCDIIB), which can cause intractable seizures. The finding was published in the December 2012 edition of Annals of Neurology.“What we have is an association between HPV16 and focal cortical dysplasia,” Peter Crino, MD, professor of neurology at Temple University and Shriners Hospitals Pediatric Research Center in Philadelphia and the paper’s senior author, told Neurology Today. He cautioned, however, that the “research doesn’t prove that Cervical Cancer Causes Virus HPV16 causes focal cortical dysplasia.”


FCDIIB is a sporadic disease characterized by malformation of the cerebral cortex early in fetal development. According to study authors, the disease is characterized by disorganized laminar architecture and enlarged dysmorphic cells called “balloon cells.” These enlarged cells activate a signaling pathway called the mammalian target of rapamycin complex (mTORC1). Anti-seizure medication and in some cases surgery are used to treat FCDIIB, which can be very debilitating.


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