Breast Cancer Symptoms

Warning Breast Cancer Symptoms:

It’s usually noticeable if you have a lump in the breast and you know that something bad is cooking right there.However, the breast cancer symptoms are not always coming in the form of a lump.Lots of women started visiting their doctors for a regular checkup and found out that they have a breast cancer.This came unexpectedly as they didn’t know how to notice the Breast Cancer Symptoms that probably show the appearance of breast cancer in the early stages.It’s highly important for all women to see this and remember the Breast Cancer Symptoms to seek medical help first.Here are the warning Breast Cancer Symptoms all of you should know:

1-New Moles or Strange Change in an Existing Mole

A study shows that a woman with moles all over her body has a 13% increased risk of developing breast cancer than women with no moles.They are an early indicator of this cancer type.You should check any particular change or new moles with your doctor this is include in Breast Cancer Symptoms.

2-Irregular Bladder Movement and Bowel

Most of the cancers come equipped with these warning Breast Cancer Symptoms.Women with breast cancer experience a change in their hormones that leads to drying of the urethra and incontinence.The result is leaking of urine while sneezing, exercising, coughing, and laughing.On top of that, these women have the urgency to urinate very often and the urination takes longer than usual.

3-Unexplained Fatigue and Tiredness

Breast cancer patients can feel tired even if they just got up from bed. It could lead to depression and strange pain, as well.The most curious thing about it is that you didn’t do anything to trigger it with physical exercises or work. It comes from the chemical imbalance in your body caused by cancer.That’s why you can’t explain this symptom.

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