Brain Tumor symptoms

Cannabinoid drug for Brain Tumor symptoms Treatment Prolongs the Life of Patients

Over the past few years research has unveil that marijuana can both destroy certain Brain tumor cells and reduce the growth of others. Now, a new study in mice has found that when integrated with radiation treatment cannabis can effectively halt one of the most aggressive types of brain tumors.In a paper published Friday in the journal Molecular Cancer Therapies a team of researchers from St.George’s University of London outlined the “dramatic reductions” they observed in high-grade glioma masses, a deadly form of brain cancer, Brain Tumor symptoms Treatment with a combination of radiation and two different marijuana compounds, also known as cannabinoids.

GW Pharmaceuticals announced Phase II results for a cannabinoid drug combination with the potential to increase life expectancy in patients with an aggressive form of brain cancer.GW Pharmaceuticals, one of the coolest biotechs in Cambridge, is developing cannabinoid drugs.