Best Ways To Prevent Stretching Of Stomach After Bariatric Surgery

Ways To Prevent Stretching Your Stomach After stomach bypass surgery

You can stretch your new stomach after stomach bypass surgery. And its very easy than you may think. By falling back into old habits you are almost guaranteed to stretch your stomach.This article is going to focus on ways to prevent stretching your new stomach rather than discuss how and why your stomach stretches.

YOUR NEW GASTRIC POUCH:You’ve had stomach bypass surgery and now you’ve done two things After stomach bypass surgery.

  1. You’ve bypassed part of your intestines which means less of the food you eat will get absorbed by your body.
  2. You’ve created a small pouch which is used as your new stomach. This allows less room in your stomach for food before you feel full.

Either one of the above two items leads to weight loss. And when you combine them, you have the most effective weight loss procedure, gastric bypass. So it makes sense that you do not want to alter either of these items. Unfortunately, the reason many people regain weight after stomach bypass surgery is because they alter item number 2. They stretch their stomach.