Best Ways To Get Relief From Gas Pain After Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric Surgery

All bariatric patients are made aware of the side effects of Bariatric Surgery. The emphasis is usually on high risk side-effects and complications. And while post-operative flatulence won’t be added to the problem short list anytime soon, it is uncomfortable and embarrassing just the same. When compared to dumping syndrome, dehydration or kidney stones, intestinal gas is hardly a call to arms. Regardless of low-grade concern, gas relief after Bariatric Surgery is most welcomed by the patient.

Intestinal Gas after Bariatric Surgery

A required change in diet is one of the main reasons for the post-operative flatulenceexperienced by weight loss Bariatric Surgery patients, says Dr. Walter Medlin a bariatric surgeon who himself underwent the gastric-sleeve surgery in 2008.The excessive flatulence odor post-operatively is embarrassing to bariatric patients. Because so many have a history as targets for embarrassment they are often more sensitive when caught in awkward situations.Weight loss Bariatric Surgery causes malabsorptive syndrome. Food and nutrients are not absorbed as well as they were before Bariatric Surgery. When undigested food makes its way to the colon, enzymes and gut bacteria may not adequately absorb it. A by-product of this problem is gas.