Regain of weight after initial weight loss: Some patients who undergo gastric bypass surgery have initial weight loss that continues for several months, but they regain weight over subsequent months. The reason may be a change in dietary pattern or dilatation of stomach pouch due to which patients eat more food to get satiety. Both the logic lead to gastric bypass failure and patient needs revision Bariatric Surgery Procedures to achieve ideal weight.

Complications of surgery-medical and surgical: Some patients develop either medical or surgical complications after gastric bypass and need revision Bariatric Surgery Procedures to correct these difficulties. Surgical complications are minimal at dedicated bariatric surgery centers where experienced surgeons perform bariatric surgery. The complications that cause intestinal bypass failure and make revision bariatric procedure necessary are given below:

  • Surgical or anatomical complications are those in which either gut anastomosis is narrowed, or stomach pouch is dilated. These complications can only be corrected by performing revision bariatric surgery.
  • Medical complications are those in which patient develop symptoms of diarrhea, ulcers, solid intolerance, dumping syndrome, anemia, severe constipation and severe gastro-esophageal reflux disease. If these symptoms become intolerable, then the only option to correct them is revision Bariatric Surgery Procedures.