9 Things That Lead To Dangerous Complications After Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric Surgery

There are many situations that may arise After Bariatric Surgery – even long after the initial healing. It’s important to be well informed so you recognize and handle these scenarios if or when they occur. Some can be dangerous if not recognized and immediate medical action taken.here are the things you need to avoid to preventing problems after Bariatric Surgery.

1. Vomiting

Weight Loss Bariatric SurgeryAfter Bariatric Surgery Avoid bringing up your food by chewing well, waiting 30 seconds between bites, and limiting the size of the bite you put in your mouth. Call your surgeon immediately if you are unable to stop vomiting water and liquids. Vomiting may be caused by eating too fast, eating too much, not chewing food to the consistency of applesauce, drinking liquids with or too soon after your food, or a stricture which is a narrowing of the surgical opening from the pouch to the intestine.

2. Food Blockages:

Weight Loss Bariatric SurgeryAfter Bariatric Surgery Food Blockages can occur when you haven’t chewed food well and it gets stuck in the outlet between your pouch and intestines. Usually, the food will soften and work its way through on its own. While the food is clogged, it can be very uncomfortable and you will be able to feel pressure of the blockage. It is not a good idea to drink fluids on top of the clogged food, but a few small sips of very warm water can sooth tissues and loosen the food. A food blockage can cause vomiting.