These Bad Habits Of Patients Can Make Thyroid Diseases Worse

Habit #3 – Using Soy

Everybody should stop eating soy – especially people with Thyroid Diseases. As Dr. Mercola reports,soy contains a whole host of components that negatively affect the butterfly-shaped gland. This includes goitrogens, which prevent the thyroid from synthesizing hormones and metabolizing iodine.Soy also inhibits the effectiveness of various Thyroid Diseases treatments.


Habit #4 – Over-Consumption Of Raw Cruciferous Vegetables

According to the Oregon State University, high intake of veggies like cabbage and turnips can impair thyroid function in those with an iodine deficiency. This is all because of the glucosinolates in such vegetables, which the human body converts to goitrin – a compound that hampers hormone secretion.Now, you can still eat cruciferous vegetables – just take it easy.


Habit #5 – Avoiding Input From A Healthcare Professional

I get it – life is busy and seeing a healthcare professional isn’t always pleasant. But if you’ve got a form of Thyroid Diseases, you need to remember that your condition can cause serious damage if not treated properly.