alzheimer disease

Alzheimer disease drug compound could ‘untangle’ brain:

Alzheimer disease, which is a form of dementia, could be reversed by a new drug experts claim can destroy proteins causing the disease.The treatment targets the ‘tangles’ that destroy nerve cells in the brain which are the hallmark of Alzheimer disease and other neurological conditions.The destruction of cells can lead to symptoms of the condition which include memory loss and confusion.Scientists will soon begin trials in people following studies on mice and monkeys.



Their research has revealed the compound could treat neuro-degenerative diseases which are characterised by abnormal tau levels – including dementia and Parkinson’s. Alzheimer disease effects about 850,000 people in the UK – with the figure set to rise to a million by 2025. However the condition is currently incurable.Professor Timothy Miller, of Washington University in St Louis, said: “We’ve shown this molecule lowers levels of the tau protein, preventing and, in some cases, reversing the neurological damage.